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Amazing Ideas for a Glamurous Garden Party

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Spending time outdoors can be seen as therapy for some people, as there is no better way to relax and eliminate the stress gathered throughout the day. Therefore, we advise you to forget about spending your evenings watching TV, and organize at least one garden party a week. After all, everyone goes out once a week, so why waste money on going out when you can invite your friends over your place? We provide you with some wonderful ideas that will help you create the perfect garden decor for a party.

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Create a fabulous table setting

Placing a table in your garden is simple, but enhancing it in order to make it look fabulous requires a little imagination. Therefore, we advise you to opt for putting the table under a tree, because that way you will have the possibility to decorate it using hanging jars with glowing sticks. In order to achieve your goal, you have to buy glow sticks, cut off each stick’s end, pour the content  into the jars, and shake to obtain the desired results. Next, you need to hang the glowing jars from the tree branches, and you will end up with a gorgeous decor. Decorating the table with flowers and garlands will add a magical touch to the place, so you should opt for this idea as well.

Use a white voile to build a fancy tent

If you want to create a beautiful spot where you can spend time with your friends, we advise you to build a tent from a white voile. Creating a fancy, but comfortable relaxing zone has never been easier with this idea which involves hanging a voile from a tree branch to obtain an improvised tent. In order to create a nice contrast, you can place a pink blanket on the grass, on which you have to arrange large, cozy pillows. That way you will end up with a fun area where you can play board games, eat dessert or just catch up with your friends.

Create a fun place for pictures

The best thing about having a garden is that you can use trees to hang all sort of things in order to obtain a nice decor. Therefore, we recommend you to use large  frames, funny hats, and plastic mustaches and glasses that are attached to special sticks to get great pictures of your family. We guarantee you that everyone will love the idea.