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Cottage Garden Design

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A cottage garden design does not require major investments. For such a garden, you can choose natural items and materials and easy to grow flowers. Here are a few ideas of how to decorate your garden, in order to enjoy your cottage garden design. There are many options for seasonal cottage insurance.

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The main material used in a cottage garden design is wood. Opt for functional pieces, such as tables and chairs, lawn chairs, swings, benches or decorative pieces, such as wooden fountains to decorate your garden. Moreover, a cottage garden design can be created with the help of cheerful, country items. Use a pump for water, it is easy to use and contributes to the charm of the garden. Design a stone water basin for the drained water and decorate it with small country flowers, all around, for a natural look.

In addition, you can recondition old country objects, such as jugs, wooden carts, buckets, a broken bicycle, an old watering can, etc. These items can become flower stands. Plants such as geraniums are ideal for these original containers. One of the main advantages of such a garden is the possibility to use in the décor objects you already have, giving them a new function.

Furthermore, for a cottage garden design you can choose clay animals specially designed to place them in various strategic points. These items color and animate the space, contributing to a fairytale garden. Also, you can build walkways of wooden, stone, grass, sand, gravel, bricks or rustic tiles. Avoid geometric lines, because in such a rustic garden paths should look more natural. Moreover, when you build a place to relax, it must be simple, so avoid an elegant gazebo and opt instead for a shade of trellis or pieces of wood and a bank.

Use rocks in various parts of the garden, because they contribute to the natural look. Use a few décor pieces, because such gardens must be simple and not overcrowded.

Plants used in a cottage garden design are the ones adapted to that environment, which grow easily without major investments. Opt for plants that bloom for a longer period for the garden to be cheerful and colorful for longer. Spring flowers with bulbs, are a good choice in such a garden. For spring, you can plant hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, lily, etc. For summer, opt for unfussy roses, peonies, daisies and hydrangea. In autumn, daisies are the main flowers used in a cottage garden design.