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DIY Patio Table Ideas

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If you think there is nothing you can do to improve the way your balcony looks, you are wrong. You can use many pieces of furniture and decorations to make it look amazing. Don’t worry if you don’t have proper furniture. There are some amazing DIY patio table ideas that will help you solve that problem.

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Everyone should be able to enjoy some fresh air from once in a while. People must find other ways to spend their time than working all day, eating and watching TV. Since we can’t afford to go every weekend to the mountains, we propose you to create your own quite place on the porch of your house. Arrange it to look welcoming and pleasant and you will see it will become your favorite space of the house.

Start by applying one of the DIY patio table ideas. The materials you need in order to create a fine piece of furniture are the following ones:
• boards;
• screws;
• sandpaper;
• driftwood stain;
• Ikea table legs.

In order to create a place to entertain your friends, you should opt for a fun design, so the first thing you need to do is paint in different colors the boards. Next, you have to cut them in small sizes and align them to create a fun visual effect. You can choose between creating a pattern similar to a chessboard or anything else you like. Note that you have to place the boards with the side you want to face up in the end, facing down. Use a plank and some screws that are long enough in order to fix the boards. Make sure the screws don’t penetrate through the table, because you won’t find a solution to hide them.

After setting the planks, remove the wood cheeps by handling the sandpaper. That will prevent you from getting injuries from little sharp edges every time you touch the table, so that measure is highly indicated. The last thing you need to do is apply some driftwood stain on the table. That will protect the table from factors which might affect its appearance.

The final step is to place the table on two legs. We recommend you the Ikea Vika Lerberg because they are very easy to install. Now, since you know how the DIY patio table concept works, you have no excuse to transform your porch or your balcony into the loveliest place. Place some colorful chairs around the table and as many plants as you can, and you will recreate your own piece of nature.

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