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Front yard landscaping

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When it comes to the front yard landscaping there is one word that must apply to every yard: perfection. The front yard is like a business card and it can even define the way people see you as a person. A sloppy, messy yard can change the way people think about you so try to keep it neat. Designing a perfect yard can be a little complicated and even after you have succeeded in doing so you must be well aware of the fact that it will require a lot of maintenance.

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The first thing you must consider when designing a front yard is functionality. Try to keep the decorations simple because you want them to beautify your house without taking away all the attention. Before starting to plant anything you must define your driveway and alleys. They must compliment the texture and color of the house and they must also match any future stone decorations. There are different types of stone patterns that you can choose from. You can select a brick alley in order to match a rustic home, concrete or geometrical pavements for a modern home and even natural stones. If you are considering building raised flower beds then you should choose the same stone pattern as the one used in the pathways. Raised beds are great because they can create a unique front yard design.

In order for the front yard to look perfect, you need to decorate it like a pro. Calculate the square footage of various parts of your yard in order to know how much grass, plants or pavement materials you will need. After all, you don’t want your lawn to have any bold spots or your pathway to have any missing elements. If you don’t know how to calculate square footage, simply use an online calculator such as¬†

After having designed the alleys you can proceed to another essential part of the front yard: the lawn. It is impossible to picture any type of front yard landscaping design without visualizing a lawn. It is the element that contributes to the image of perfection. However in order to achieve its purpose a lawn requires a lot of maintenance. Everyday watering and regular mowing are imperative. In order to make the maintenance tasks more pleasant, we advise you to invest in a good lawn mower as it can make a word of difference. A lot of people don’t understand that a mower can do a lot more than just cut grass. A good lawn mower can handle different mowing conditions, it can let you adjust the height of the grass and much more. In order to pick the best lawn mower for your yard, read the reviews published on Once you have the right mower, you can focus on other things such as decorations. Although a plain lawn is preferred by many, you can personalize yours with different decorations such as sculptured bushes, giant river rocks or small water fountains( emphasis on the word small). For water fountain ideas you can choose pot fountains or miniature rock fountains.

When analyzing front yard landscaping ideas you don’t have to stick to a boring, plain concept. Although the front yard has to be less complex than the backyard, it can still reflect some of your personality. For example if you are a happy, playful person you can surround your house with multicolored flowers. On the other hand if you prefer a conventional or a modern design make sure to pick just a few types of plants that complement each other. Flowers can also be placed alongside the pathway. Last but not least you can even plant trees in your front yard. The ideal place for a big tree is near the front entrance. However if you think that a big tree is too ostentatious for the front yard you can exchange it for exotic bushed or dwarf trees.