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Garden Decorating Games

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Those who want to change their garden into a beautiful place, but have no idea how to do that, can try garden decorating games, which allow players to make their garden look according to their personality and style without any costs or effort. With these games players can use their imagination and creativity to decorate a garden in their own way. They can play with the garden layout by using realistic garden objects and fantasy objects.

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One of the garden decorating games is the ‘3D Garden Decoration’. This is a free online game in which garden items are realistic. You can choose several models from the basic furniture, which should not miss in any garden. When you play the game, the garden comes equipped with a fence, border of trees, paving, swing, lawn chair, table, wishing well and a grill. Click on the lawn chair and pick the one that you like, the same with the table, fence, paving and the other items in the garden. The game comes with several models for each item. In addition, you can view your creation from two different angles: 3D view or floor view.

‘Angel Garden Décor’ is a free online game where you need to decorate your garden with an angelic theme. The game comes equipped with a set of items placed on the left side, from where you can drag the item you want to use to decorate; angels, colorful balloons, butterflies, fountains, a unicorn, a gazebo, fencing, a stagecoach, all that is needed to create a very nice and angelic garden. Try to design this scenery, to look like heaven on earth.

Other beautiful garden decorating games include ‘Fruit Fantasy Garden Decoration’ and ‘Rosy Creativity: Garden Decorator’. ‘Fruit Fantasy Garden Decoration’ is also a free online game, which allows players to decorate the garden with fruits and sweets. The game comes with a lot of items placed on the right side of the screen, including fruit huts, sweets, melting ice cream cones, park benches, flowers and more. Drag the item you want to use to decorate the empty land. In addition, you can play the game in full-screen mode.

The second game, ‘Rosy Creativity: Garden Decorator’ allows players to decorate the garden in spring. The game features cartoon graphics and four object categories. When you begin the game, the garden is a grassy field. To decorate, click the arrows on the right column and see your options. Click and drag the item you want to use to the place you want it on the field. To change the size of the item click on the circles next to ‘Item size’. The game is available with a ‘Print Out’ option, to print your garden and also with the icon of the black sheet of paper to start over.