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How to Create a Feng Shui Garden

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A Feng Shui garden design will help you delight all your senses while relaxing in a peaceful and welcoming space. Furthermore, this type of garden has a special energy that creates amazing vibrations, attracting happiness and neutralizing bad energies before they enter your home. So, here are the five elements of Feng Shui that can help you create an amazing garden decor.


In order to highlight the “earth” Feng Shui component, you can integrate rocks, clay flower pots and boulders into your garden design. Furthermore, you can also opt for stepping stones to create a gentle, wavy flow that reflects the “one step at a time” philosophy, according to which people must be patient in order to achieve their dreams. If you want to make the land around your house come alive, you must use beautiful flowers and plants. We suggest you to avoid plants like cacti and roses, because they have thorns, and focus on plants like peonies, hyacinth flowers, pond lilies, and auspicious trees.

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Wood is an element that can be represented by arbors and objects like planting boxes and benches. Since having a place to rest is essential when it comes to enjoying the silence provided by your garden, and absorbing the positive energy that it delivers, we advise you to opt for benches made of wood. Furthermore, you can choose between different seating styles, but you must make sure that all the furniture that you are going to use is well maintained. Broken furniture, pots and containers will attract sickness, so you must fix them before placing them in your garden.


Including a bird bath in your garden is one of the best decisions that you can make, because there is nothing more relaxing than watching little birds enjoying a bathe during summertime. Outdoor fountains are also a good idea, because they give you the chance to enjoy the lisp of the water and admire the beauty of the place in a more profound way.


If you think that installing a fire pit in your garden requires too much money, we recommend you to opt for a wise Feng Shui idea that involves using solar garden lights to integrate “fire” in the decor. You can find garden lights in all possible shapes, including turtles, flowers and small statues, but we guarantee you that no matter what you will choose, you will add a magical feel to the place.


The best way to bring the “metal” element in your Feng Shui garden is to use wind chimes. Besides allowing you to complete the list of Feng Shui elements, wind chimes have the capacity to make harmonious sounds, which will help you meditate and forget about problems and stress.