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How to Design an Asian Garden

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The Asian gardens are built in order to provide a meditation and relaxation space. Big or small, they include elements which help you attain feelings of serenity and contemplation. If you wonder how to design an Asian garden, you should consider recreating a calming piece of nature by using stones and natural items.

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Asian designs show the interaction of human nature with land. They reflect a landscape which contains carefully shaped locations and amazing gardening. Think about how to design an Asian garden by creating a place people want to explore. If you have an unused space, transform it into a functional area or even into a focal point. Use all the important Asian elements, such as wood, earth, metal, fire and water and arrange them to reflect an equilibrium.

Our advice is to create a simple garden since the bigger ones are not fluid enough because they tend to be separated in smaller designs. Use elements of wood such as plants and trees. However, remember not to use white flowers, or any type of Chrysanthemums, because they are considered to be funeral flowers. We advise you to opt for plants which can offer an oriental atmosphere, such as flowering cherries, pruned trees, ginko, mugo and bamboo pines.

It would be nice if you would create paths to lead from one area to another. Asian cultures believe that straight paths lead the bad spirits directly into people homes, so they choose to design meandering ones instead. Zigzag paths have the symbolic ability to trick malefic spirits and keep them away from people houses.

If you ask yourself how to design an Asian garden using elements of fire, you will find the answer by opting for red decorations which symbolize fire. A great idea would be to install a red bridge because it is said it brings luck to those who own it. Decorate it with stones and sand and you will achieve introducing elements of earth in the landscape, too. A bird bath will fit perfectly near the bridge and it also honors the element of water.

Wind chimes and bells represent great elements of metal because they add a charming tinkling sound to the atmosphere. Asian cultures listen it for its soul calming properties. If you want to bring another spiritual item to your garden, choose a Buddha statue. Note that the statue has to represent the whole body of Buddha, and not just the head. Otherwise, it is considered to be disrespectful.

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