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How to Make a Rock Garden

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The first thing that will help you getting an idea of how to make a rock garden is clearing the area where you want to build it. Remove all the leaves and undergrowth, and use a shovel to pull the bushes out from the roots. That will prevent them from growing sterns or trunks like they would have if you just cut them on the surface.

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Finding a design can be a difficult chore, especially when our ideas seem great in our heads but they are awful in reality. We advise you to use an inverted marking paint and draw signs in the places you want to display the decorations. It will help you getting a sense of how to make a rock garden flow and look smooth. If something doesn’t seem right, undo the marks and make the change you thing is required in order to achieve a uniform design.

Next, you need to select from a variety of stones, such as large and small boulders and flat stones for the pathway. It would be a great idea to use dark or blue river stones and a colorful flagstone paving. Working with big stones implies using crowbars in order to put them in place. You can also roll the stones on a rack and ask someone to help you drag it in the place you want to put it.

Create a footing or a foundation to help the big rocks stay in place. Once they are set, think about the plants you want to use in order to add a little color to your landscape. The most important thing is to search for plants which suit the local climate. We recommend you to opt for juniper bushes and chrysanthemums. You can cut the big bushes in different shapes, and you can style rug bushes by circling them with average sized rocks.

In order to simulate a river you need to start by drawing its contour using flowers and plants. Other elements you need are small boulders, river bed rocks and juniper bushes. You must place the junipers higher than the rest of the elements in the river, because you need to give the impression they flow. They have to be planted using a combination of fertilizer which will help the bushes feed, and a peat moss which will keep water next to them. Dig out the river bed following the flowers line, and add it small boulders and small river bad rocks in order to make it look more realistic.

The last thing you need to do in order to find out how to make a rock garden is position the plants and the colorful flowers wherever you think it’s best in the landscape, and create a meandering stone pathway. Use big flat stones and add some little river stones between them for a cute design, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

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