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How to make a rock garden

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Lately rocks have taken over most gardens. The reason for the increased popularity of the rocks is the fact that they are great for creating unique designs. Most people use different types of rocks for pavements or decorations. However there are some that take rock designs to the next level. Such gardens are very complex so if you are wondering how to make a rock garden there are a couple of suggestions that you must keep in mind.

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Planing is essential to building any type of rock garden. Although you may have a lot of ideas try to make a detailed sketch and stick to it. The plants and the rocks must complement each other so don’t just pick out everything you like thinking that in the end they will look good anyhow. If you want to properly learn how to make a rock garden you must do a little research and choose a theme. You can choose from different styles such as mountain look, an Asian look and others. When creating a mountain forest look there is a lot of room for creativity. You can build a rock water fountain that sloops into a water lily covered pond. Furthermore you can build a rock bridge covered with moss. The Asian style uses pebbles and gravel combined with exotic colorful flowers and trees. If you use a theme characteristic to a certain country remember to also use regional flowers and plans.

After having picked your theme you can proceed to building the garden. Learning how to make a rock garden is a lot easier once you have chosen a theme. If you prefer pebbles and gravel than you can build the garden on a leveled terrain. However if you are looking for a natural look with big stones it is recommended that you build the garden on a slope. You can make a rock mound and plant flowers around it or you can make a crevice garden. The crevice garden a type of garden with multiple rocks with spaces between them where different flowers grow as if unaffected by the rocky environment. In order to recreate a natural look try using different flowers. Choose small exotic plants such as Linaria Alpina, Greek Yarrow, Lewisiasedum Hispanicum and others. The Lewisia is a type of flower that can grow in low fertility soils therefore it is perfect for rock gardens. The great thing about using such a plant is that is very colorful and it makes a great contrast with the rocks. For a higher impact you can create a Lewisia mound bed in the center of the garden and turn it into the main point of attraction. It requires a mixture of native soil and river sand. Use big rocks in a seemingly unorganized way and plant the flower in the crevices.