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Japanese Garden Ideas

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Japanese gardens are characterized by an extremely neat aspect and a perfect blend of colors and materials. Although the purpose of these gardens is associated with the calm and relaxed attitude of the ‘residents’, Japanese gardens have been created for several reasons. If you want to create your own Japanese garden and you have no idea how to do that, here are some Japanese garden ideas to help you.

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The items used in Japanese gardens include: a natural or artificial source of water, in the form of a fountain or pond; stones; stone lanterns; a pavilion or a small house for serving tea; a natural fence; a bridge to a small island (may be also of stones). You can choose these Japanese garden ideas and items to create your personal serene garden.

Furthermore, the relief distribution and species of plants is never done randomly. Every detail is designed to capture and discover more fascinating things. Therefore, if you have a large garden, try to create uneven areas distributed so that visitors are free to look down; when they will gaze upward, your guests must be surprised by a hard-hitting arrangement, in order to give pleasure and excitement and to surprise them.

Other Japanese garden ideas include stones or stone arrangements. Use stones to build or define bridges, paths and small islands. Beyond the decorative role, stones have a historical significance, representing the absence of mountains that once were present in that area. In addition, generally, in Japanese gardens stones must be joined in an equal number and in triangular shape.

Moreover, in your Japanese garden, water must complete the picture of nature, giving the feeling of infinite space, space that includes all forms of nature. You can make stone fountains by hand, because their appearance is far from a perfect finish, just for a touch of naturalness. You can also opt for fountains or arrangements of this kind without water. These are often found in some Japanese gardens.

In addition, beyond relaxation induced by serenity, a Japanese garden can often house rare species of plants and can protect the endangered ones. Therefore, these Japanese-style gardens can be found in many parks, historical parks or old castle gardens. Finally, these are just a few Japanese garden ideas to help you create your personal garden, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.