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The basic concept of a Japanese rock garden

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The main concept in the Japanese lifestyle philosophy is peace. This idea is present in all aspects of their life including outdoor decorations. A Japanese rock garden is often referred to as a Zen garden because of the peaceful feeling that it inspires. The predominant gray color of the gravel is great for relaxing your eyes. Furthermore the gravel is raked in straight or fluid lines resembling the waves of the sea. If you are thinking of building your own zen garden you should first familiarize yourself with its main elements .

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A Japanese rock garden mainly consists of a sea of gravel with big rocks or sometimes trees scattered around. The rocks symbolize islands and the gravel is raked in a manner that resembles water waves. It can also be arranged in different geometrical shapes. Straight lines are combined with circular shapes which are sometimes centered around a main point of interest. Originally these gardens were only built with rocks and gravel. However lately they have become very popular in all corners of the world and they have been combined with a lot of original ideas. For example it is very common to create little pools of moss within the sea of gravel. Instead of using gravel you can also use sand or pebbles.

The most famous Japanese rock garden is the The Ryoan-ji garden. The reason behind this garden’s popularity is the arrangement of the rocks. The garden spreads over thirty meter of raked sand and it is ten meter wide. Besides the rocks there are no other points of attractions. The moss covering them are the only spots of color available in the landscape. What is most intriguing about this garden is the fact that although there are fifteen rocks you can only see fourteen. No matter from what angle you look at the garden you will not manage to see all fifteen rocks in the same time. Although the garden has been created in the sixteen century, the designer of this complex arrangement is still unknown.

One of the advantages of a Japanese rock garden is the fact that it can even be built in small spaces. This type of space is great for complementing a modern design. In order to build such a garden you should give special attention to leveling the terrain. The rock arrangement is also very important. The gravel shapes however can be modified every day according to your mood and inspiration. The great thing about a Japanese rock garden is that it can turn any space into a unique island of tranquility.