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The basic concepts of modern garden designs

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Decorating concepts have changed a lot over the years. When it was first approached, the decorating art was defined by ostentation. However nowadays, modern garden designs have adopted a minimalistic trend. Simple, straight lines are present in all modern gardens. Furthermore, gardens are a prolongation of the interior design that is slowly blending in with nature.

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Modern garden furniture resembles a lot of the indoor furniture. Plain patio furniture is completely out of style mostly because it is quite uncomfortable compared to the cozy, fluffy cushions of the modern sofas. Experimenting with colors is quite controversial when it comes to contemporary gardens. The preferred combinations of colors present in modern gardens are white and black. Light brown and cream are also acceptable especially if you are going for an outdoor spa look.

When it comes to modern garden designs there are a few materials that are predominantly used. Concrete is probably the most popular material because it can be shaped in geometrical shapes. This material can be used in creating the stepping stones, raised flower beds and different unique decorations. If you wish to give the modern garden a refined look then you should definitely use marble ( shades of white and cream are preferred ).

The main difference between classic gardens and modern gardens is the way that nature is treated. In classic gardens man made decorations are meant to blend in the natural landscape. On the other hand in modern gardens nature is always restricted and man made elements are predominant. Comfort and relaxation are the key ingredients for creating a perfect modern garden. Often the relaxation area is created on a wood deck or is delimited by glass walls. This type of area is always created by using indoor furniture so if you live in a region with unstable weather make sure to build a roof otherwise the furniture may be ruined by rain.

Modern garden designs are defined by clean lines and that aspect is also reflected in flower pots. Square, cylindrical and spherical pots are predominant and the flowers used in these type of gardens are usually exotic plants. Tree combinations are a little complex and you must be very careful with the choices you make in this departments. If you are lucky enough to have a big tree in your yard make it the central point of attraction and eliminate other high plants and decorations. If you don’t have trees in your yard you can choose palm trees in order to create the illusion of an exotic island.